The Pulse Channel


Who are we?

We are local.
We have four radio stations in Missouri:
91.9 in/around Kirksville
100.9 at The Lake of the Ozarks
90.1 in/around Sedalia
89.3 in/around St. Robert

Check out our coverage map below. The coverage area is approximate.

New Coverage Map

You can also listen online and through our Apple app  and Android app anywhere there’s an internet connection.

We are nonprofit.
That means we don’t sell advertising (annoying commercials) to companies. When you hear us thanking a local business for supporting The Pulse Channel that business chose to give a tax deductible donation to keep The Pulse Channel on the air. If you want more info on how to donate as a business contact Megan through our contact form.

We are Christian.
That means, for the most part, you’ll hear “safe” things. We won’t be playing all the questionable things the “other guys” play but it’ll be just as good musically and even better lyrically. Why is “safe” in quotes? We believe in not being politically correct. We’re a real radio station ran by real people so we’re going to talk about real things. Some of those things may be offensive but we’ll always be respectful. Of course, we’ll provide a disclaimer before “questionable” topics are discussed to give parents plenty of time to turn off the radio or encourage little ears out of the room. (If your child’s ears jump off their head and walk off please seek immediate medical attention.) Imagine sitting in a coffee shop (while listening to the best music) with your best friends just talking about life. How is it possible for a radio station to be that? Listen and you’ll find out.

We are awesome.
Okay, “we” aren’t but the music we play totally is! You’ll hear Rap, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, EDM, Dance…basically what the “other guys” are playing but clean. No “booty booty booty rockin everywhere” here.

We are diverse.
Let’s be honest, the DJs are basically all the same. At least three of us look like we could seriously be related. Thankfully, our artists make up for our lack of diversity. You’ll hear the whole 116 Clique (Lecrae, Andy Mineo, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashi, Gawvi), Skillet, Beacon Light, Matthew Parker, Capital Kings, Toby Mac, RED, Tori Kelly…we would be here all day if we listed out EVERY artist. You get the picture.

We are not THAT.
You will NEVER hear commercials, profanity, or things that will generally bum you out. We exist to be that little extra pep in your step to energize you in the morning, carry you through the day and chill you out at night.

We are you.
We live here, we go to church with you, we go grocery shopping with you, we’d probably have to literally live with you if it weren’t for your generous donations. That could be awkward so, thanks!

We are a team.
Everyone who is a DJ on The Pulse Channel is involved in ministry in our churches. We approach life with ministry on the mind so we take our impact on you through this station seriously. Stephen and Jaron  are both youth pastors in The Lake Area, Megan  is involved in audio/visual ministry in The Lake Area and Jack is a small group leader at his church. Our goal is to bring all of us together. We come from different churches, we have different convictions and we don’t always agree on everything. However, we serve the same God and have the same goal for this ministry: To make your day a little easier, make your faith a little deeper and make your relationships with others a little more real.

We are here because…
We believe God has a plan for all of our lives as well as this station. He made it possible for The Pulse Channel to exist and he continues to provide for us through your generous donations. We are excited about who God is and we want to show you who he is through what we say on the air and the music we play.