Step Back, Regroup

Step Back, Regroup

I’m a problem solver. I’m convinced it’s in my DNA.

I’m also currently obsessed with PUBG. I tend to have a problem in the game, though. I’m so focused on finding a better gun or taking out another player that I lose sight of everything around me. The guy lurking in the corner or, the more common one, the circle closing in.

For those of you that don’t know, PUBG is a first person shooter game that has a circular force field that gets smaller periodically. Get out of the force field and you die. 

This problem carries over into real life. I have a tendency to focus so hard on fixing a problem it’s all I think about. I obsess over it until it’s fixed. I lose sleep, I have a hard time focusing on anything else, my priorities get all out of wack and everything else around me seems to disappear.

The problem is all I can see.

I think Satan uses the problems in our lives to distract us from the important things around us. The impending doom of “the circle” or the temptation lurking in the corner.

It’s so easy to focus on the things we want to fix. The problems like losing a job, changes in management, a broken washer. In the big picture these things are insignificant but, the Enemy doesn’t want us to see the big picture. He doesn’t want us to see the impending doom that’s headed right for us, or the temptation waiting to pounce, or even the good stuff God has in store for us.

Take a step back, zoom out, make sure you’re still inside the safe zone, regroup.

Even Jesus took time to separate himself from everything around him, talk to God, regroup and refocus.


-Megan, The Morning Brew
Weekdays 6-10A

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