Honor For The Finisher

Honor For The Finisher

Proverbs 20:3 “Honor for the Finisher”

I’m reminded of the scene in “Remember the Titans” after the guys got into a fight. Coach Boone calls them out and says, “Any little two year old child can throw a fit.” The fool, the unwise, gets themselves into trouble; usually with their words. But his verse opens with a word about those who END disputes… and it’s not just about avoiding, because we all know that disagreements will come. It’s about wisdom and discernment to find the right course of action to end it. Honor… highly respected and esteemed. Honor belongs to such people because they’ve already possessed it, they already have it!!

Making right decisions is not a foolproof plan. We’re human, and we will mess up. But finding a way, as often as we can, to end a dispute will bring more honor.


-Rob, The Best Fan Show
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