Do The Work

Do The Work

Our verse today comes from Proverbs 13.

Verse 4 says “The slacker craves, yet has nothing, but the diligent is fully satisfied.” (CSB)

Slackers are lazy people who avoid work. Synonymous with words like idler, sluggard, and malingerer, their lives are characterized by apathy and aimlessness. This verse says they always crave something: a new this or that; a better something; a different circumstance.

And then there’s diligent… synonymous with words like hard-working, careful, thorough. These people show care for their responsibilities, they know that what they do matters.

So here’s the application: both of these people have different input, and because of that their outcomes are different. Nothing in, nothing out. Care for your work, fully satisfied. I LOVE how it says FULLY, not just satisfied.

Do the work, put in the sweat equity, become FULLY satisfied. Don’t do the work, be forever dissatisfied.


-Rob, The Best Fan Show
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