Be Sensible

Be Sensible

Proverbs 27:12 “A sensible person sees danger and takes cover; the inexperienced keep going and are punished.”

We live in a world that keeps telling us to “push through” or “power through it.” We’re told to “suck it up and deal with it.” But honestly, a lot of the time, that’s how we get hurt. We just shove our way through our problem and we come out injured on the other side.

Now, hear me when I say that we should persevere… Paul said, “I have fought the good fight…” (1 Timothy 4.7). He also says that trials produce perseverance, which produces character, which produces hope (Romans 5.3-4). But every struggle, every trial, every problem we face isn’t necessary! A sensible person will see the road ahead, see the danger, and take action to avoid it. They’ve been there before, they know why they should avoid it: it’s an unnecessary fight. It’s okay to avoid the unnecessary, it’s okay to avoid the danger and to seek a safer route. If danger looms in your horizon, pause… evaluate… if it’s necessary that you push through then you should. But do so with a clear mind, having rested before the trial. Don’t cause yourself unnecessary hardships…


-Rob, The Best Fan Show
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