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Who are we?

We have four radio stations in Missouri:

91.9 in/around Kirksville 100.9 at The Lake of the Ozarks 102.7 in/around Rolla 90.1 in/around Sedalia 89.3 in/around St. Robert


We don’t sell advertising (annoying commercials) to companies. When you hear us thanking a local business for supporting The Pulse Channel that business chose to give a tax deductible donation to keep The Pulse Channel on the air. If you want more info on how to donate as a business check out the donate tab above.


We love Jesus, we’re real and we’re always authentic. We don’t play all the questionable things the “other guys” play but, it’s just as good musically and even better lyrically. Imagine sitting in a coffee shop (while listening to the best music) with your best friends just talking about life. How is it possible for a radio station to be that? Tune in to find out!


We’re youth pastors, worship pastors, painters, bus drivers, small business owners AND DJs. Plus, we play the most unique concoction of music you’ll find anywhere. You’ll hear Lecrae, Twenty One Pilots, TobyMac, Tori Kelly, Skillet, Andy Mineo, Jordan Feliz, Capital Kings…we would be here all day if we listed out EVERY artist. You get the picture.


We live here, we go to church with you, we go grocery shopping with you, we’d probably have to literally live with you if it weren’t for your generous donations. That could be awkward so, thanks for giving!

Who are the DJs?

Megan knows nothing about sports but has a segment called “Sports with Megan,” she has dad jokes for days and is the only girl on air (and she’s the boss). Jaron can turn just about anything into a jingle, hates Megan’s puns and is legitimately working on buying a bus to convert and live in. Not kidding.

They never turn down Casey’s breakfast pizza or Starbucks.

Mike is a wealth of random facts, he’s considered legally changing his name to “Mike from Crocker” and Forrest Gump is his favorite movie…no wonder he’s so good at pingpong.

He’s a gummy candy connoisseur.

Question: What do you get when you combine Trevor and Devin?

Answer: That uncle at every family function who makes weird references you don’t completely understand, smells like Old Spice and Slim Jims, and always asks “you gonna eat that?”